Bonnie Belle Silver

Sterling Silver jewellery made in Devon, UK

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Bonnie Belle Silver is handcrafted by Anne Payne in Tavistock, Devon. Inspiration for creativity and design comes from nature, surrounded as we are by the wildness of Dartmoor, with its rich colour and ancient, mysterious archaeology. As a Scot, you may also find a wee bit of Celtic in some of my designs too.

My jewellery is created from recycled sheet sterling silver and sterling silver wire with a touch of 9ct gold on some pieces. I use a range of semi-precious stones to provide colour and sparkle. I also make a range of beaded jewellery, using natural gemstone beads, crystals, silver beads and clasps, thus at all times I favour natural materials. 

Take a look at the gallery below and current products for sale. I design and make these for the pure joy of creativity. Many are 'one-off' projects. You can also see a range of jewellery at South West Crafts in Tavistock.              

Bonnie Belle Silver

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Bonnie Belle Silver jewellery is hand crafted and so every item is unique. Inspiration for design is drawn from the natural world and from the colour and simplicity of the natural materials used.